We ensure that your new floor is installed the correct way the first time and that it’s built to last. We use decorative quartz flooring material to create a non-slip floor that is also attractive and cost-effective.
Epoxy aggregate or epoxy memory resinous floor films should stand the ages…and lots of traffic. Our type of floor films and wall structure stand out at a number of industrial programs. Seamless floor films could be developed or treated for a multitude of industrial and commercial programs, from potential to deal with chemicals and discoloration, easy cleaning, anti-static, even antiseptic.

Seamless floor films can incorporate a nearly endless palette of designs and colors. Flooring look like streets, for instance. Corporate logos pop. With epoxy aggregate flooring, anti-slip and slip-resistant textures could be installed – well suited for swimming and leisure installations, for instance.

Take some other good examples? Listed here are twelve programs to enable you to get began:

  1. Chemical processing and storage facilities – chemicals could be caustic and corrosive. Epoxy films seal and safeguard the structural floor.
  2. Food and beverage processing – flooring in food and beverage processing areas should be machine washable, and should be slip resistant when wet. Epoxy seamless flooring gives the finest of both.
  3. Heavy industrial fabrication – from safety striping and hazard zone demarcation to chemical resistance and impact solidifying, seamless epoxy might be the best choice for heavy fabrication facilities.
  4. Warehouses and energy plants – in a position to withstand lift vehicle traffic as well as be resistant against static electricity buildup.
  5. R&D labs – research and development demands the opportunity to isolate and simulate various conditions for testing, and neutral surfaces for experimentation.
  6. Automotive shops – tough, clean, attractive, and customer-friendly.
  7. Aircraft wardrobe hangers – planes tend to be heavy with relatively couple of points of ground contact, and maintenance areas have to be fuel and oil resistant.
  8. Kitchen areas and utility areas – sanitary, machine washable, and slip resistant.
  9. Static sensitive work areas (ESD) – computer electronics and highly flammable materials are susceptible to static spark hazards. Epoxy can be created anti-static.
  10. Institutional facilities – people-friendly and maintenance-friendly flooring can co-exist with epoxy seamless floor films.
  11. Secondary containment – environment and groundwater protection is dependent upon secondary containment that’s impermeable towards the substances it’s that contains. Epoxy resinous films seal concrete against eco hazardous materials.
  12. Parking garages – epoxy seamless floor films could be developed to face up to vehicle put on and road salt.

Should you not locate a mention of the your industry or specific need, then tell us, and we’ll tailor create a system for you personally. Complete this contact page, and we’ll follow-up along with you.





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