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Fort Riley Barracks Renovation

Project Type



April 2023


Fort Riley, Kansas



Project type

Renovation and Restoration

In 2022, Diamond Polish Solutions successfully renovated and restored the concrete floors at Fort Riley with a comprehensive range of services including grinding, polishing, staining & sealing, epoxy coatings and decorative concrete. Our experienced team used state-of-the-art equipment to provide superior results that met all of the unique requirements for the project. The durable flooring solution created by Diamond Polish Solutions has enhanced safety onsite while also creating an aesthetically pleasing finish. Fort Riley now has a fully restored, hardened, and densified floor for a fraction of the cost.

More Details:

Contributes to nearly 69 Leed Point categories. Since the Concrete already exists as a subfloor, polishing the existing floor reduces material usage and waste. This adds to Leed credits.
• Installation cost of Floor Covering is double and sometimes triple the cost and inevitably will need to be replaced.
• Virtually no to low maintenance cost for polished concrete floors.

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